GCH ZZ Ranches OP Take A Bow BowBow

Dam: Mega-Milkers Bravo Applause

Sire: CH *B Mega-Milkers Cockeyed Optimus

Bow is powerful and elegant.  She is a milking powerhouse who wins time and time again due to her incredible capacity and mammary strength.  After freshening for the first time Bow milked strong for over 22 months.   She is bred to No Contest in 2021 and due in March.

Show Wins  4GCH, 2RGCH, 2BOB

GCH Mega-Milkers Summer Cirrus

Dam: SGCH Mega-Milkers Isle of Intensity   Sire: CH Mega-Milkers Cockeyed Optimus

Cirrus is a powerful yet elegant doe.  She is very wide in the rear and through the hips.  Cirrus has a strong, tight front end that blends smoothy from the neck into the shoulders.  She finished her championship as a first freshening 2 year old.  Cirrus will be milking through in 2021.

Show Wins  3GCH, 1RGCH, 3BOB

Mega-Milkers PVT Cotton Twister Twister

Dam: SGCH Mega-Milkers Cotton Jenny         Sire: Crybaby Farms StandardPVTLabel

Twister is a tall doe with a great deal of strength.  She has long, correct legs that are properly angulated.  We love the correct and extremely well attached mammary system. She has the perfect balance of fore, rear, and behind the leg.  Twister is going to be tough to beat in the show ring! Twister is bred to No Contest to kid in May.

Mega-Milkers Dossier’s Marilla Marilla

Dam:  Mega-Milkers Ivanka’s Dossier                         Sire:  Ranea Pisaco Posse

Marilla was a keeper the moment she was born.  This doe came out long, level, and wide.  Her dam was not the flashiest of does but Marilla makes up for it with an incredible mix of power and beauty.  Marilla is bred to No Contest in 2021 for kids in March.

Mega-Milkers No Strings Attached Strings

Dam: GCH Mega-Milkers Summer Cirrus                        Sire: Mega-Milkers Condi No Contest

Strings is a super elegant doe.  She is angular in all the right places and shows a ton of dairy strength.  She is strong on her feet and legs.  We expect to see big things from this lanky little yearling.  Strings is bred to New-Frontiers CSOC Mars to kid in March.  **Check out the pedigree on Mars**

Mega-Milkers Cotton Q-Tip Q-Tip

Dam:  Mega-Milkers PVT Cotton Twister                          Sire: Mega-Milkers Condi No Contest

Q-Tip is a mature young doe with depth and width throughout.  She has a pedigree that is packed to the hilt with champions, milking stars, and hard hitting bucks.  She is bred to New-Frontiers CSOC Mars for kids in April.

Big Thank You to Janelle Anderson of New-Frontiers Saanens for letting us use her buck Mars in 2021.  We are so excited to see this mix.  Mars is out of Companeros Stand Out Clyde.