GCH Mega-Milkers Bravo Condeleesa 10*MCondi

 Condeleesa has a large capacious udder that has a very pleasing shape and extreme height in the rear udder.  Condi is dairy and open thoughout.  She has a level topline.

Show Wins
* 6 GCH
* 1 BOB
* 1 RGCH
* 1 BUIS
* 2016 LA 90 VEEE


SGCH Mega-Milkers Cotton Jenny 9*MJenny

Jenny is a tall, long, and extremely correct doe.  She has a securely attached udder with a high rear, strong lateral, and smooth fore.  Jenny is very productive.

Show Wins
* 5 GCH
* 2 BOB
* 1 RGCH
* 1 BIS
* 2 BUIS
* 2016 LA 90 EEEV



Mega-Milkers OP Comedy Romance 12*MRomance

Romance has a super wide eschusion and a lovely Saanen head.  She has an extremely correct mammary and body capacity.  Romance is a growthy yearling with a great deal of milk.

Show Wins
* 2016 LA 85 VVV+



Mega-Milkers Isle of Intensity

Intensity is a two year old first freshening, who like Jenny began milking without ever kidding as a yearling.  Needless to say she has a strong willingness to milk and is extremely productive.  Intensity earned her dry leg at her first show out, also winning best junior doe in show.  After that she began producing milk so she showed in the milking yearling class and placed very well for having a precocious udder.

Show Wins
*1 GCH
*1 BIS
* 2016 LA V+VV

Mega-Milkers Outer Skirts
Dam: Mega-Milkers Petticoat Junction
Sire: Mega-Milkers Isle of Arcadia

Skirts is an extremely productive doe who also has a great deal of dairy strength and beauty.