Mega-Milkers Y-Nota Fermata 8*M Fermata1

Fermata is extremely dairy and angular with a very productive mammary.  She exhibits a long level back and wide flat hips.

DHIR Milk Records
1 year old 2070
2 year old 1600
Show Wins
* 2012 LA 89 EEEV
* 4 RGCH, 2 GCH

Mega-Milkers Petticoat Junction

Petticoat is a refined, dairy doe showing length and angularity.  Petticoat brings together the capacious udder from her sire and the deep, long body of her dam.  Petticoat is our most productive doe.

Show Wins
* 2012 LA 84 +V+V

Comedy1Mega-Milkers Design’s Comedy


Comedy has an extremely correct mammary.  She has a lovely long, smooth fore udder and a very high wide rear.  Comedy has great body capacity.

Show Wins
* 1 RGCH



 Condi1 Mega-Milkers Bravo Condeleesa

 Condeleesa has a large capacious udder that has a very pleasing shape.  Condi has a long body with wide, level hips.


Show Wins
* 1 RGCH

Mega-Milkers Bravo Applause

Applause1Applause has a high, wide rear udder with great angulation.  She exhibits sharp, smooth shoulders and strong feet and legs.

Mega-Milkers Coda by Design Coda1

Coda has great breed character and a lovely mammary. She is long and level.