GCH Mega-Milkers Design’s ComedyComedy

Comedy is extremely beautiful and also productive.  She has a feminine style coupled with dairy strength and body capacity.  She has a long, smooth fore udder and a very high wide rear.  She also stands on strong and correct feet and legs.

Show Wins
* 4 BOB
* 3 GCH
* 4 RGCH
* 2016 LA 91 EEEE


 GCH Mega-Milkers Bravo CondeleesaCondi

 Condeleesa has a large capacious udder that has a very pleasing shape and extreme height in the rear udder.  Condi is dairy and open thoughout.  She has a level topline.

Show Wins
* 6 GCH
* 1 BOB
* 1 RGCH
* 1 BUIS
* 2016 LA 90 VEEE


GCH Mega-Milkers Cotton JennyJenny

Jenny is a tall, long, and extremely correct doe.  She has a securely attached udder with a high rear, strong lateral, and smooth fore.  Jenny is very productive.

Show Wins
* 4 GCH
* 1 RGCH
* 1 BIS
* 1 BUIS
* 2016 LA 90 EEEV



Mega-Milkers Comedy’s RomanceRomance

Romance has a super wide eschusion and a lovely Saanen head.  She has an extremely correct mammary and body capacity.  Romance is a growthy yearling with a great deal of milk.

Show Wins
* 2016 LA 85 VVV+