Mega-Milkers Moonover DowntownDowntown

Sire: Six M Galaxy August Moon
Dam: SGCH Mega-Milkers Uptown Girl

Downtown is a very flashy young buck.  He is long, tall, and super correct.  He combines the dairy strength and productivity of his sire with the general appearance and body capacity of his dam. G6S Normal

Show Wins
*2016 LA 86 VVV


Mega-Milkers Classic Good Looks

IssacGood Look (call name Isaac) is everything we would want from a Classic son, he is long and level.  His daughters have all shown a great deal of general appearance with lots of height at the withers and length throughout. G6S Normal

Sire: Desert-Caper Classic Tradition ++*B
Sire’s Sire: Linkville Royal Tradition ++*B
Sire’s Dam:  GCH Desert-Caper CC’s Crista 4*M
Dam: Mega-Milkers L-O-L-A Lola
Dam’s Sire: Mega-Milkers Hocus Pocus
Dam’s Dam:  GCH Mega-Milkers Mariska AI 2*M

Show Wins
*2016 LA 84 +V+



Mega-Milkers Cockeyed OptimusGCH Mega-Milkers Cockeyed Optimus AI

Optimus is a strong buck with heavy milking lines on both sides.  His offspring also exhibit the structural correctness expected in a good milking animal.  Optimus is long and level and his daughters are extremely productive animals. He has excellent feet and legs that he passes on to his offspring

Sire: Caprikorn Krug’s Roadshow
Sire’s Sire:GCH Caprikorn Judge’s Krugerrand +* B
Sire’s Dam: Two-Ceders Mandella
Dam: Caprikorn RV Ynota Showtune 7*M
Dam’s Sire: Caprikorn Renov Vanderbilt +*B
Dam’s Dam: Sleighbell-Farm Twil’s Tayn 6*M

Show Wins
* 4 GCH, 1 RGCH
* 2014 LA 91 EEE

Saanen – Carousel-Kids Marvelous
Sire: Ranea Bravo
Dam: Mega-Milkers Constant Bother
Nubian – Haven-Hills Beau Scamper
Sire: Regehrs Alginons Beaujolais
Dam: Haven-Hills Shakita

Nubian – Manges-Colony Beau Linus
Sire: Regehrs Alginons Beaujolais
Dam: Manges-Colony Pan Lauren
Nubian – Six-M-Galaxy August Moon
Sire – Six-M-Galaxy Unique Heritage
Dam: Six-M-Galaxy Moonlight
Saanen – Lake-Country Opus Atrayu
Sire: Lake-Country Sno Magnum Opus
Dam: Lake-Country Illusion Allure