Mega-Milkers Risky Mix *B

Dam: Whimsical Kids Lady Cinna  Sire: Sparrowhark EMV Rigel 

Risky is a very correct young buck with a great deal of dairy strength and overall length of bone.  Risky comes from a great deal of production and we are excited to see his daughters freshen in 2020.

Mega-Milkers Moonover Austin

Dam: SGCH Mega-Milkers Mariska  Sire: 6 M Galaxy August Moon

Austin came back to us this year from being leased for a few years in Colorado.  We are so pleased to have the last son born to our beautiful Mariska back in the herd.  Austin is extremely dairy with a long lean neck and excellent incurving of the thigh.  We are excited to see his daughters in 2020.


Mega-Milkers Condi No Contest

Dam: SGCH Mega-Milkers Bravo Condeleesa  Sire: Washoe-Zepher No Fear

No Contest is everything we love in our Sadness, he is large, masculine, angular, and extremely correct in feet and legs.

Mega-Milkers Cockeyed Optimus

GCH Mega-Milkers Cockeyed Optimus +*B

Optimus is a strong buck with heavy milking lines on both sides.  His offspring also exhibit the structural correctness expected in a good milking animal.  Optimus is long and level and his daughters are extremely productive animals. He has excellent feet and legs that he passes on to his offspring

Show Wins
* 4 GCH, 1 RGCH
* 2014 LA 91 EEE