Mega-Milkers Risky Mix *B

Dam: Whimsical Kids Lady Cinna  

Sire: Sparrowhark EMV Rigel 

Risky is a very correct young buck with a great deal of dairy strength and overall length of bone.  Risky comes from a great deal of production.  His dam, Cinna, was the first place milking yearling at the 2014 ADGA National Show.   

Mega-Milkers Moonover Austin

Dam: SGCH Mega-Milkers Mariska  

Sire: Six-M-Galaxy August Moon

Austin came back to us this year from being leased for a few years in Colorado.  We are so pleased to have the last son born to our beautiful Mariska back in the herd.  Austin is extremely dairy with a long lean neck and excellent incurving of the thigh.  We are excited to see his daughters in 2020.


Mega-Milkers Condi No Contest

Dam: SGCH Mega-Milkers Bravo Condeleesa  

Sire: Washoe-Zepher No Fear

No Contest is everything we love in our Saanen, he is large, masculine, angular, and extremely correct on his feet and legs.  Contest is the result of an AI to one of our all time favorite bucks, No Fear.  Contest should throw extremely showy, correct kids with a great deal of production.