SGCH Mega-Milkers Uptown Girl 3*M

Uptown is an amazing doe, picking up all the wonderful qualities of her dam plus a capacious udder and beautiful breed character.  Uptown finished her Championship in 2011 and continues to dominate the show ring.  She has continued to be very productive even as she ages and produces lovely kids.
G6S Normal

DHIR Milk Record
1 yr old 1000
2 yr old 2090
3 yr old 1570
Show Wins
* 2012 LA 91 EEEE
* 2012 Nationals 6th 4 yr old (33 in class)
* 1 RGCH, 5 GCH, 7 BOB, 4 BU, 1 BIS, 1 BUIS

SG Mega-Milkers HP L-O-l-A Lola 3*M


Lola is a doe with excellent breed character, smoothness of blending and superb body capacity .  Lola exhibits dairy strength throughout as well as an extremely well attached mammary.  She has a smooth, long fore udder.  G6S Normal

DHIR Milk Record
1 yr old 1070
2 yr old 1330
Show Wins
* 2012 LA 90 EEEV
* 2014 LA 90 EVEV
* 2012 Nationals 21st 3 yr old (40 in class)
* 5 RGCH, 2 GCH, 1 BIS

SGCH Mega-Milkers For The Love Fern 4*MFern

Fern has lovely general appearance and great dairy strength. She has long level hips and a well attached udder.  Fern is elegant and feminine in the show ring.   G6S Normal

Show Wins
*2016 LA 89 VVVV
*3 GCH
*3 BOB

Mega-Milkers Mariska Lunesta

Lunesta came back to us as a second freshening 5 year old and we are so pleased to have her back.  She is super long and powerful with a lovely mammary. G6S Normal

Show Wins
* 2 GCH
* 2 BOB
* 1 RGCH
* 2018 LA VEVV 88

GCH Mega-Milkers Classic Showdown 4*MShowdown

Showdown is another long and tall doe.  She has extremely correct feet and legs with a very pleasing mammary.  Her udder is wide in the rear and full in the fore.  Showdown is also very productive and has beautiful Nubian characteristics.  G6S Normal

Show Wins
* 7 GCH
* 1 RGCH
* 2016 LA 88 EEEV
* 2018 LA 89 EEE+

GCH Mega-Milkers Look an Ice Cube

Cubes is a power-house Nubian.  She is deep in the girth and wide in the chest floor.  Cubes has wide, flat hips and a productive udder.

Show Wins
* 4 GCH
* 2 BOB
* 5 RGCH
*2016 LA 86 VVVV
*2018 LA 90 VEEE

GCH Mega-Milkers MoonPie

Pie was returned to us in 2017 and is a first freshening 2 year old.  Pie is extremely productive and has a nicely shaped mammary.  We are excited to have Pie back in the herd and look forward to showing her this season. G6S Normal

Show Wins  * 4 GCH  1 RGCH  1 BUIS
*2018 LA VEVE 88

Mega-Milkers Calendar Girl

Calendar Girl is a super elegant doe.  She is long, level, and wide.  Calendar milks extremely well and has a well attached udder.  We are excited to see this Uptown daughter mature.

Mega-Milkers DT Hometown Gal

Hometown is a very elegant doe.  She has excellent dairy strength with smoothness throughout.  Hometown has a very well attached udder with a full, smooth fore udder.

Mega-Milkers DT Easter Parade

Parade is a showy doe who won her grand champion leg at the first show of the season.  She is long, level, and walks with a great deal of grace.  Parade is feminine yet powerful without being course.

Mega-Milkers Brazilian Gold

Brazil is a powerful doe with beautiful Nubian characteristics.  She has a large, deep body with a long, level topline.

Mega-Milkers Spice of Life

Spice is a beautiful doe with a long neck and strong feet and legs.  She is also wide in the eschucion.

Nubian Update:  As of 2014 all of our Nubians are G6S Normal by testing or pedigree.  We are dedicated to improving the Nubian breed and believe that knowledge is power, therefore knowing which animals are G6S is important to us.  Since our herd is completely normal we will continue a strict testing regiment for any outside animals to make sure it stays that way.  Please feel free to call or email with questions or concerns regarding G6S, we will gladly answer all questions to the best of our knowledge.