GCH Mega-Milkers Mariska AI 2*MMariska

Mariska is what a Nubian should be. She is extremely long bodied, angular, level and deep without being coarse. She has a high, wide, well attached rear udder with extending foreudder.  (Since Mariska may be retiring this year she was not G6S tested, all of her daughters have been normal)

DHIR Milk Record
3 year old 2330
4 year old 2450
5 year old 1920
6 year old 1540
Show Wins
* 2007 Nationals 16th 2 yr old
* 2012 Nationals 14th aged doe
* 2010 LA 91 VEEE
* 7 RGCH, 4 GCH, 8 BOB, 6 BU, 3 BIS
* 2012 Nubian Specialty Reserve Champion Nubian

SGCH Mega-Milkers Uptown Girl 4*M

Uptown is an amazing doe, picking up all the wonderful qualities of her dam plus a more capacious udder and better breed character.  Uptown finished her Championship in 2011 and rounded out her 2012 show season with a Best Doe in Show at the Tri-State Fair in Amarillo TX.  She has continued to win show after show this year.  Uptown also produces lovely kids and we retained both of her doe kids to freshen in 2013. G6S Normal


DHIR Milk Record
1 yr old 1000
2 yr old 2090
3 yr old 1570
Show Wins
* 2012 LA 91 EEEE
* 2012 Nationals 6th 4 yr old (33 in class)
* 1 RGCH, 5 GCH, 3 BOB, 2 BU, 1 BIS

Mega-Milkers HP L-O-l-A Lola 3*M


Lola is a lovely doe with excellent breed character, smoothness of blending and great size already.  Lola has a super long deep body and a smooth, long fore udder.  She is a gentle doe with all the strength and grace of her dam Mariska. G6S Normal

DHIR Milk Record
1 yr old 1070
2 yr old 1330
Show Wins
* 2012 LA 90 EEEV
* 2014 LA 90 EVEV
* 2012 Nationals 21st 3 yr old (40 in class)
* 1 RGCH, 2 GCH, 1 BIS


Latisse (2)Mega-Milkers Caprice Latisse

Latisse is a tall, long, very correct doe.  Latisse catches the eye of everyone she meets due to her size.  She is exactly what we expect to see from a Classic Tradition linebreeding.  Latisse also has a correct udder that is high, wide, with a smooth fore. G6S Normal

Show Wins
* 2012 LA 87 VVVV
* 2014 LA 88 VEVV
* 2012 Nationals 9th 2 yr old (57 in class)
* 2 RGCH

Irish Belles Canga RooRoo

Roo is on lease from the Irish Belles Nubian herd.  We are so please to have another Timeless daughter in our herd.  Roo is long and dairy and we know she will have a lovely mammary characteristic of the Irish Belles.

Show Wins
* 2014 LA 86 VEE+


Fern1Mega-Milkers For The Love Fern

Fern has lovely general appearance and great dairy character. She has long level hips and a well attached udder. Fern is productive and has a gentle disposition. G6S Normal

Show Wins
*2014 LA 86 VVVV



Lunesta2 (2)Mega-Milkers Mariska’s Lunesta

Lunesta is maturing nicely into long, level, tall two year old.  She has her dams amazing general appearance and power coupled with style and beauty.  Lunesta has a well attached udder with a willingness to milk. G6S Normal

Show Wins
* 2014 LA 86 VEV+


Mega-Milkers Golden TicketTicket1
Ticket is a lovely doe with a well attached udder. She has a wide rear udder arch and a long smooth fore. Ticket also has great body capacity and a long lean neck.  Ticket has shown in some tough competition this year and won her class every time. G6S Normal

Show Wins
* 1 RGCH
* 2014 LA 85 +VVV

River1 (1)Mega-Milkers Moon River

River shows a lot of potential and freshened with a well attached and nicely shaped udder. River has a deep body and very angular legs. She is sharp at the shoulders and has a high rear udder arch. River milks well and has a sweet personality. G6S Normal

Show Wins
* 2014 LA 82 ++++

Mega-Milkers Classic ShowdownShowdown2 (2)

Showdown is everything we could want from a Classic daughter.  She is super long, level, and powerful but also has a great deal of dairy character and a lovely shaped mammary. Showdown is tall and has a strong front end and great feet and legs. G6S Normal

Show Wins
* 2014 LA 81 VVEA



Nubian Update:  You will notice that all of our Nubians are G6S Normal by testing or by pedigree, with the exception of Mariska.  As mentioned above we chose not to test Mariska this year because she may be retired.  Three Mariska daughters, a Mariska son, half sister to Mariska, and a half brother to her have all been tested with normal results.  We are dedicated to improving the Nubian breed and believe that knowledge is power, therefore knowing which animals are G6S is important to us.  Since our herd is totally normal we will continue a strict testing regiment to make sure it stays that way.  Please feel free to call or email with questions or concerns regarding G6S, we will gladly answer all questions to the best of our knowledge.