GCH Mega-Milkers MoonPie Pie

Dam: Mega-Milkers L-O-L-A Lola                        Sire: Six-M-Galaxy August Moon

Pie is extremely productive and has a nicely shaped mammary.  She may be on the smaller size like many of our Augie daughters but she makes up for it in mammary system.  This little doe out milks most and continues to win in the show ring.  Pie will be milking through in 2021 G6S Normal

Show Wins
* 4 GCH  1 RGCH  1 BUIS
*2018 LA VEVE 88

Mega-Milkers Calendar Girl Calendar

Dam: SGCH Mega-Milkers Uptown Girl  Sire: Mega-Milkers Classic Good Looks

Calendar Girl is a super elegant doe.  She is long, level, and wide.  Calendar milks extremely well and has a well attached udder.  She is so large and capacious judges often can’t believe a Nubian can be this powerful yet beautiful.  Calendar is bred to Austin for kids in April 2021. G6S Normal

Mega-Milkers Hannah

Dam: GCH Mega-Milkers Golden Ticket  Sire: Mega-Milkers Moon Quasar

Hannah is our last Ticket daughter in the herd and we are so please with how she shows the same dairy strength and elegant beauty as her dam.  Hannah is extremely productive.  She has never been shown because she was sold to a 4-H family as a kid but we are excited to see her in the show ring in 2021.  Hannah was bred to Risky for March kids.  G6S Normal

Mega-Milkers Fireball Lily Fireball

Dam: SGCH Mega-Milkers For the Love Fern     Sire: Mega-Milkers Moonover Downtown

Fireball is a strong and powerful doe.  She is deep and wide throughout. Fireball has a calm disposition like her dam and was the Best Junior Doe in Show at the Wyoming State Fair 2020.  Fireball is bred to Risky for April kids in 2021.

Mega-Milkers Effie Effie

Dam:  Whimsical Kids Lady Cinna                         Sire:  Mega-Milkers Moonover Downtown

Effie was a keeper the moment she was born.  She is extremely long and lever over the top with incredible angulation in the rear legs.  Effie is a flashy doe and has all of the makings to be a show stopper!  Effie is bred to Austin for March kids in 2021.

Mega-Milkers Primrose Primrose

Dam: Whimsical Kids Lady Cinna                            Sire: Mega-Milkers Moonover Downtown

Yep, we had to keep these twin sisters Primrose and Effie!  Primrose is not has large and powerful as her sister but she is just as correct.  Primrose is elegant and long bodied.  She is bred to Risky for kids in May 2021.

Nubian Update:  As of 2014 all of our Nubians are G6S Normal by testing or pedigree.  We are dedicated to improving the Nubian breed and believe that knowledge is power, therefore knowing which animals are G6S is important to us.  Since our herd is completely normal we will continue a strict testing regiment for any outside animals to make sure it stays that way.  Please feel free to call or email with questions or concerns regarding G6S, we will gladly answer all questions to the best of our knowledge.