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Lola & Augie – 3 does
                           3 SOLD

Comedy & Optimus – 1 doe, 1 buck
                                       1 RETAINED – 1 buckling available
Showdown & Augie – 2 bucks
Lunesta & Augie – 2 does
                                 2 SOLD
Latisse & Isaac – 2 bucks, 1 doe
                               1 RETAINED, 2 bucklings available
Fermata & Arabas – 1 buck
                                     1 SOLD
Ticket & Quasar – 2 bucks, 2 does
                                 3 SOLD – 1 buckling available

Kids retained in 2014

Mega-Milkers Comedy’s AdventureAdventure

Adventure is another gorgeous Bravo daughter and we are excited to have her in our herd.

Dam: Mega-Milkers Design Comedy

Sire: Ranea Bravo

Ovation                                             Mega-Milkers Standing Ovation

Ovation was not a doe we planned to keep out of a first freshening yearling but when she came out we knew she was something special.  Ovation is extremely long and dairy just like her dam.

Dam: Mega-Milkers Bravo Applause

Sire: Mega-Milkers Cadance

Mega-Milkers Look an Ice Cube 


Cube is a long, tall kid with a lovely Nubian head.  She looks like a copy of her wonderful dam and we are excited to see a daughter out of Isaac. G6S Normal

Dam: Mega-Milkers Mariska Lunesta

Sire: Mega-Milkers Classic Good Look


Mega-Milkers Raffle Ticket  


Raffle is a flashy young kid born in May.  She has a lovely Nubian head with a deep body and great feet and legs.  Raffle has good dairy character and a sweet personality. G6S Normal

Dam: Mega-Milkers Golden Ticket

Sire: Mega-Milkers Classic Good Look